Do you want to Work smarter, not harder with your Microsoft Access Access database?

Take a look at these cool, user-friendly Wizard tools... Designed to save you time, reduce your effort and increase your productivity!

Wizards Tools for Microsoft Access (2007 - 2016)

ChartExcel Wizard The ChartExcel Wizard will allow you to automatically, easily and instantly create beautiful Microsoft Excel chart reports based on your Microsoft Access data.
CodeBox Wizard Discover over 200 useful well commented VBA procedures written specifically for Microsoft Access. All code is royalty-free for distribution rights.
Help Wizard The Help Wizard makes it easy for you to add help to your Microsoft Access Application. You can set up 'Help Groups' such as, Application Help, Import Procedures, etc.
ImportObject Wizard The ImportObject Wizard makes it easy to import file as OLE Objects into you Microsoft Access database. You can use the Wizard to import hundreds or even thousands of files.
OutputWriter Wizard The OutputWriter Wizard makes it easy output ad-hoc data from your Microsoft Access database. You quickly filter, sort, save or email the data in 9 different file formats.
Renaming Wizard The Renaming Wizard will allow you to easily rename your fields, tables and queries then instantly replaces the name in all dependent queries, forms and reports.
ReportExcel Wizard The ReportExcel Wizard will allow you to automatically, easily and instanly create beautiful ad-hoc Microsoft Excel reports based on your Microsoft Access data.
ReportRun Wizard The ReportRun Wizard will allow you to organizing your Microsoft Access Reports and automate the process of printing a group of reports at a time.
Schedule Wizard The Schedule Wizard will allow you to automate the process of periodically running Microsoft Access actions such as running macros or queries or printing off reports or forms.