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ImportObject Wizard for MS Access


The ImportObject Wizard is an Add-In for Microsoft Access that will allow you to easily and instantly import your files as OLE Objects into a Microsoft Access table. The Wizard can create a new table or append an existing table. New tables can be created with additional fields containing information about the file, the import Path, File Name, Size, and Date Modified.

The ImportObject Wizard will allow you to import all the files contained in a folder, including subfolders or you can choose to import one file at a time. You can easily use the ImportObject Wizard to import hundreds or thousands of files into your database instantly!

OLE Object fields in Microsoft Access tables can store Excel Spreadsheets, Word Documents, PowerPoint Slides, pictures, sounds, or any other type of file. You can use the ImportObject Wizard to store your Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets, or PowerPoint Slides and display the contents on a user Form. You can use the Wizard to database your sound, video or picture files and password protect the database.

Actual Screenshot...

Easily import hundreds or thousands of files into your database!

Import files and display the contents on a User Form... 

Store your files in a password protected database

System Requirements:
Microsoft Access
 97, 2000, 2002 or 2003 installed

Price is only $24.95

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