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Want to work smarter not harder with your Microsoft Access Database?
Then take a look at these cool, user-friendly Wizard tools... Designed to save you time, reduce your effort and increase your productivity!
Products for Access 97 & Access 2000 - Download It!

OutputWriter Wizard - Easy output Queries

Allows you to output data from your MS Access database faster, without seeing the database window! It offers three levels of criteria and sort. You can criteria the data with any of the Boolean comparison and logical operators.

ChartExcel Wizard - Create Excel Graphs

Automatically exports your MS Access data to Excel and instantly creates a Graph based on the Fields and the type of Graph you select, all by the click of one button! 

ReportExcel Wizard - Create Excel Reports

This Wizard will allow you to easily create professional looking Excel Reports directly from MS Access. All you need to do is select the required Table/Query and formatting properties.

PrintExcel Wizard - Print Excel files

This Wizard literally takes the manual work out of MS Access to Excel report production! It will automate the updating and printing off, of Excel Reports based on MS Access data.

NotesTable Wizard - Import Lotus Notes data

Instantly import Lotus Notes data directly into MS Access and create proper SQL formatted tables by the click of one button! Start working with queries and recordsets with your Lotus Notes data!


Help Wizard - Add Help to an Application

Add On-Screen help to your MS Access Application. You can set up your own help groups such as, Application Help, Reporting Procedures, Import Procedures, etc. All available from one easy to use form.

ReportRun Wizard - Automate Printing Reports

This Wizard will allow you to automate the process of organizing and printing off of your MS Access Reports. Once you have your report designed, you simply add your Report to the ReportRun Wizard's menu. 

CodeBox Wizard- Ready to use VBA Code

This Wizard is a simple to use tool that allows you to find and view over 200 useful, well commented VBA procedures written specifically for MS Access. All code is royalty-free for distribution rights.

Schedule Wizard - Schedule your tasks

This Wizard will allow you to automate the process of periodically running your MS Access actions such as running a Macro, opening a Query or printing a Report or Form.

Renaming Wizard - Instantly rename Objects

Easily renames your Fields, Tables and Queries... Then instantly replaces the name in Relationships, Queries, Forms, Reports, SQL Statements, Expressions, Combo Boxes, List Boxes and Graphs!

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