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ChartExcel Wizard for MS Access


The ChartExcel Wizard is an Add-in that gives you the power to instantly create Excel Graphs directly from MS Access! All you need to do is select the required Table/Query, the Fields you want to chart and the type of chart you want, then with OLE Automation the ChartExcel Wizard does the rest!

The ChartExcel Wizard will allow you to plot up to five different data series and choose from 17 different chart types to suit your data. Plus, you can choose to specify Chart Titles, include a Legend, show Value Labels and preview, all from one easy to use form.


If your job requires you to extract data from MS Access to analyze or report in Excel, then the ChartExcel Wizard will save you time and effort. You can use the ChartExcel Wizard  to quickly demonstrate some accounting or statistical analysis results, prototype Excel Reporting or instantly create an ad-hoc Graph before a business meeting. All with the portability and editing advantages of an Excel file.

Actual Screenshot...

Produce your Excel Graphs faster...

Prototype Excel Reporting or demonstrate data...

Instantly create an ad-hoc Report! 

System Requirements:
Microsoft Access
 97, 2000, 2002 or 2003 installed
Microsoft Excel
 97, 2000, 2002 or 2003 installed

Price is only $34.95

Buy this software and instantly download to your computer! It's fast, easy and secure.

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