Schedule Wizard for MS Access (2007 - 2016 file format)


The Schedule Wizard will allow you to automate the process of periodically running your MS Access actions such as running a Macro, opening a Query or printing a Report or Form.

With the Schedule Wizard, you can run any number of actions on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis, then after the action has been executed the Wizard will automatically update to when to execute the action next again (i.e. tomorrow, next week, or next month). This can be set-up to suit your updating/reporting cycles or ad-hoc. In addition, you can also specify to only run your actions on a Weekday only basis (Monday-Friday).

In many businesses a lot of precious time and staffing resources can be wasted on performing the mundane task of periodically running MS Access actions and waiting for these actions to be completed. You can use the Schedule Wizard to be the "Trained Monkey" of your office, set-up the date and time you want your MS Access actions to be run, then let the Schedule Wizard do the rest!


Save the time of running and waiting for actions to be completed...
Eliminate mundane procedural work...
Produce your reports on time every time!

System Requirements:
MS Access 2007 - 2016 installed

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