ReportRun Wizard for MS Access (2007 - 2016 file format)


The ReportRun Wizard will allow you to automate the process of organizing and printing off of your MS Access Reports. Once you have your Report designed, you simply add your Report to the ReportRun Wizard's menu, then from one simple, easy to use form you can print/preview individual Reports or you can choose to only view or automatically print off a group of Reports, fast instant and simple!

With the ReportRun Wizard, you don't need to build Forms full of buttons, write Macros or Code to print off your Reports. The ReportRun Wizard is very easy to set up, all you need to do is specify a Report Group, for example Customers, Employees, Orders etc, a meaningful Report Title and the name of the Report Object you want to print/preview, then the ReportRun Wizard does the rest!

The ReportRun Wizard can be a powerful tool to manage, control, and automate your MS Access Reports, as well as can potentially, save you hours of work!


No need to build Forms, write Macros or Code to print off Reports...
Organize your MS Access Reports better!
Automate the printing of your MS Access Reports...

System Requirements:
MS Access 2007 - 2016 installed

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