The LESZYNSKI naming convention is now the internationally accepted standard, for MS Access object naming.

For a professionally developed database application you should use the LESZYNSKI naming convention with case mix instead of spaces to identify the next word. Non SQL passable characters should be avoided to reduce the overall length of the SQL statement generated by QBE and for easier programming.

Avoid using the following characters: ,.~!@#$%^&*()+-=|\:;'<>?/"`[]{}

Hierarchy Objects

Tables tblXxxxXxxx
Queries qryXxxxXxxx
Forms frmXxxxXxxx
Reports rptXxxxXxxx
Macros mcrXxxxXxxx
Modules basXxxxXxxx

Control Objects

Labels lblXxxxXxxx
Text Boxes txtXxxxXxxx
Option Groups opgXxxxXxxx
Toggle Buttons tgbXxxxXxxx
Option Buttons opbXxxxXxxx
Combo Boxes cboXxxxXxxx
List Boxes lstXxxxXxxx
Command Buttons cmdXxxxXxxx
Images imgXxxxXxxx
Unbound Object Frame uofXxxxXxxx
Bound Object Frame bofXxxxXxxx
Page Break pgbXxxxXxxx
Tab Controls tabXxxxXxxx
Sub Forms sbfXxxxXxxx
Sub Reports sbrXxxxXxxx
Lines linXxxxXxxx
Rectangles rctXxxxXxxx

Use the ACC Technology Renaming Wizard for MS Access to organize your database better and implement the Leszynski naming convention.